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Told ya!

Told you I would be back! That’s right…I’m back to blogging and very excited about it! I have finally found the direction I want to go in and feel comfortable with my new bloggie. You can find me at www.hungryyogini.wordpress.com. Come visit!


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Reader Not a Writer

Hello all-


Well, after a very short stint in the blogosphere as an actual blogger, I feel as though I am meant to be a reader, not a writer, at least at this point in my life. I have REALLY loved all of your comments and have enjoyed getting to know some of you and will continue to comment and email. I feel like I know you already! I just feel at this point, I have too many commitments and don’t want to disappoint myself by not giving this blog what it deserves. I feel that I will continue in the future with blogging but have to put it on hold for now. Thank you again for all of your sweet comments.


Don’t worry, you haven’t seen the last of me! Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Until next time,


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Veggie Blue Burger

For lunch today I decided to recreate my dad’s Kobe Blue Burger last night. I had just one plain english muffin and just one Amy’s California burger left and KNEW that that would be lunch but I needed something different. I give you the Veggie Blue Burger:



It was really tasty!! I think I would prefer just plain old cheddar but this was fun. I had an organic Fuji apple and the few remaining bites of yogurt from this morning’s smoothie on the side.


I have spent the majority of my day packing. Man do I have a lot of stuff. My car is filled to the brim. I am going to go finish getting my self organized, go take my test at 5:30, and then PEACE OUT! I will probably have to grab a quick bite on my way out of town. Not sure yet what I will do for that. We shall see.


Next time I write, it will be from home! Au revoir!

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I SLEPT! YESSSSSS! It took me about an hour to finally fall asleep but I feel MUCH better!! I slept for probably 8 hours. I needed it…today is a busy day!


I decided to make another smoothie for b-fast in an attempt to finish some of my frozen fruit. This one had vanilla soy milk, vanilla yogurt, 1/2 a banana, frozen mango, frozen blueberries and the 2 remaining frozen strawberries I had 🙂




It was quite good but I think I enjoy smoothies more when they have protein powder. That sounds strange but they are just creamier and thicker, kind of like a milkshake rather than just a smoothie. I also think that peanut butter toast is a smoothies best friend.


Last exam today! Thank goodness. I will be studying, packing, and leaving straight from my exam to make the 2 hour drive home! Can’t wait to see everyone and my puppy, Raleigh! And by puppy I of course mean a fully grown 1.5 year old lab mix.


Here she is as a baby:



Picture Perfect! Have a great day!

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Winding Down

Test #3 down, 1 to go! I thought it would never come! This will be my last night here at school and I can’t wait to sleep in my own room! And cook! Well of course see my family too! Test went really well tonight. Got an A in the class! Woop Woop!


This afternoon I was able to nap for about a much needed hour. I had a nice size snack around 3:30 to hold me over until my Dad picked me up. Half of an Ezekiel English Muffin with PB&Co Dark Chocolate Dreams and a sliced apple. Only part of the apple made it to the PB and toast 🙂



SO tasty!


After my test my Dad picked me up and we went to a chic restaurant downtown called 101. It is a very neat atmosphere and we enjoyed it. No pics but I will tell you what we had. We started out with a warm loaf of fresh olive bread with oil and balsamic for dipping. I had a house salad; a bed of baby romaine with ribbons of carrot and beet with slices of cucumber and tomato and the house vinaigrette. Dad had a delicious caesar. The dressing was so flavorful. He ordered a Kobe burger with blue cheese and garlic aioli and I had the Eggplant Parma Pollo; chicken wrapped in a strip of fried eggplant with a sweet marina sauce and cheesy penne pasta.


Can you say DECADENCE? It was delicious and I am perfectly content! I enjoyed my Dad’s company and the distraction from school. We had a really nice time. He said he can’t wait ’til I come home so that he can eat yummy food again (since I will be doing the cooking) 🙂


Well this tired girl is off to shower, relax and get a full night’s sleep. Exciting day tomorrow! Good night, sleep tight!

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Speeding Ticket

If you could get a speeding ticket for operating at too high a speed, then I would owe some hefty fines. I am just non-stop! Despite the lack of sleep last night I seem to be operating at an extremely fast pace. My mom informed me on the phone this morning that in my conversations with her these past few days she could tell I was WIRED!!! And I am for some strange reason. Test anxiety? Excited to get home? Excited to see the daddy-o tonight? What ever it is, it sure is keepin’ me going. I just can’t seem to sit still.


It’s amazing how changing your attitude and have an “internal locus of control” can really change the way events in your day affect you. In the last 24 hours I have been more clumsy (I have dropped my phone multiple times, left the lights in my car on, tripped, fallen, you name it) than I can remember in the longest time. I have just been going with the flow though and am finding it helpful to be able to laugh at myself and move on. If you are having an off day, I encourage you to do the same! I need to remember this in all situations. It’s easy today but sometimes I can be, well, pessimistic. Tryin’ to stay all smiles today though.


I took a break for lunch around 11:30. I was impressed with how well that smoothie held me over. Oh was it satisfying!

For lunch I had an Amy’s California Veggie Burger in a folded pocket bread with spinach and a little ketchup and brown mustard. On the side I had the rest of the Fage from last night (which was most of it) with a drizzle of honey, dried cranberries and granola. Now THAT is what I’m talkin’ about!

IMG_2753 IMG_2760 IMG_2764


Back to the books. Don’t worry, I won’t be talking about studying ANY MORE after tomorrow!!


See you later and have a great afternoon!

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Gettin’ There

Well, second test down and two more to go. It’s always so nice after finishing a class because you get to get rid of ALL of the old STUFF!! Woo hoo!

This afternoon I went to Target to kill some time. I chose Target because they usually have a pretty good magazine section and I really wanted to get the new copy of Clean Eating Magazine. I LOVE this magazine and especially love Tosca Reno’s Clean Eating books. They didn’t have it which was a bummer but I did find a cute little white shirt on sale for $6.99. I couldn’t resist.

I went to gas up my car (whom I call Vanna White…it’s a white car, and it’s purty) after because I didn’t think I would get a chance before Wednesday and I was almost on empty. I was so happy that it only cost $20!  Much better than the $40 it was costing me not too long ago. Even though gas prices are much lower it’s still sad that our economy is less than stellar (understatement of the year). It has been interesting to be taking Finance this past semester because we got to do a lot of research on the market and the bail out plan. My major is Finance and I find all of that stuff so interesting…Just me?

I brought out the Magic Bullet when I got back around 4:00pm. This combo was with Peach Kefir, half of a cold naner (as my friend Polly calls em’!), and about a cup of frozen strawberries that I am trying to finish before Wednesday…I may have to take them home in a cooler.



It was delish. I just love a smoothie! That Magic Bullet has been a lifesaver. And a pretty good deal too since we got it at Bed Bath and Beyond. Do you guys get those 20% off coupons in the mail? You know they never expire! They have an expiration date but they will still take them. AND you can use one for every item you buy. That’s just the best and made the MB worth the mulah.

I stopped at Mother Earth Market again on my outing this afternoon because I knew they would have my Clean Eating magazine and I wanted to get something from their hot bar for dinner. I got Israeli Couscous with Black Beans and Roasted Veggies. My meal was only $3.70 ($6.99/lb). I was pretty excited since dinner out is usually more like $7-$10. I put a little bit of Greek Yogurt on top of the bean/couscous mixture a few bites in and it was delicious. I had never had this kind of couscous before and I loved both the taste and texture.



Hope you had a great evening. I will be resting tonight and waking up to do it all over again tomorrow. Luckily my Dad will be in town for dinner though. He travels often for work and pass through Gainesville often. He will be in town tomorrow night AND it’s his birthday so we will get to celebrate together!

Good Night!

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