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Purple People Eater

Well, I didn’t make it to yoga today. I missed it by about 15 minutes because I had to pick up Raleigh from the groomer. No biggie…I did about 35ish minutes of yoga when I got back.

Have I told you that Raleigh loves yoga too?


It’s why we were meant to be together 🙂 The second the mat comes out she runs to it and just sits or lays there. When I practice, she lays at the end, sometimes getting in the way. It makes me laugh though. Whenever I am in down dog she likes to walk in between my arms and legs or under me as though I am a little bridge she is crawling under. She will just circle and circle. We always say that is how she gives hugs.


This afternoon Mom and I went to Sam’s Club to buy some organic lettuce and baby spinach. We go through it so quickly and Sam’s is close that it makes sense to buy it there. Welllllll, I found these guys there and couldn’t resist. They are my favorite!


I have been pretty impressed lately with the selection of organic and natural products at Sam’s and Costco (where we will be going Sunday since it is a bit further of a drive). Sometimes it isn’t always the “healthiest” organic stuff like weird cracker or cookie things,  but atleast they are headed in the right direction with it.

Post-Sam’s Club and pre-Raleigh pick-up, my dad and I split a smoothie. This is about half of what we made:


The first thing that came to my mind was “purple people eater.” That’s all I could think while drinking this deliciousness. This mix was 1 cup of vanilla soy milk (had a LITTLE too much soy today for my liking) some of dad’s whey protein powder (going to get the hemp protein powder tomorrow at Whole Foods. Living Harvest brand, right VeggieGirl!?), half a banana and about a cup of  frozen cherries and 1/2 cup frozen blueberries. OH MY GOSH it was so good! I had never tried cherries in a smoothie and I really liked it.

Dinner was an “Eggurrito,” as I like to call it. Mexican food is my favorite and this was a breakfast inspired tribute. I sauteed red onion and yellow bell pepper then added minced garlic, cumin (which I later dropped and shattered all over the floor…yikes), 1/4c of black beans and a large handful of spinach. Topped with an over-medium egg and salsa. Delicious!


And a jazz apple. I like this kind but doesn’t compare to a honeycrisp or pink lady.



Well, I am officially exhausted. The effects of a stressful semester are finally settling in and I am so happy to be home relaxing and re-energizing. Just got good news though….I got straight A’s! I am very proud that all of that hard work paid off!

Tomorrow morning I will DEFINITELY be going to yoga. There is a 90 minute power flow class at 9:00am. I can’t wait! I will let you know how it goes.


Have a great night…tomorrow is Friday!!


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Home Sweet Home

FINALLY! I’m home! In the last few hours at school, I wasn’t sure I was going to make it. I got in around 9:30 last night and felt a huge wave of relief.


I fired up the BIG crockpot last night to ensure I would have a nice comforting breakfast in the morning. I had apple-cinnamon oats with Barney Butter and craisins.




Raleigh greeted me last night as she usually does by jumping all over the place. It’s a joyous reunion…sometimes she whimpers as if she is crying with joy. Or at least I like to think that. Makes me feel like a good “mom.”  🙂


My Mom and I are off to take her to the groomer. Her hair is so long you can barely see her face!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thursday!

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Ok, not really…but it came pretty darn close.  I decided to put apple in my oats this morning instead of banana for a little something different. I LOVE this in the crock pot (go figure) when you put the apples in over night to cook with the oats and the microwave version was a pretty close second.

Here’s what it had:

-1 serving of cinnamon crock pot oats

-1 small chopped fuji apple

-1 tbs ground flax

-brown sugar


And the final product with toppings

– 4 cinnamon almonds

– 1 tbs peanut butter

– dried cranberries


The apple added so much volume to my oats! It took FOREVER to eat this 🙂

Big test tonight: Business Finance. Perpetuities, anyone?

Have a fabulous Monday.

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Just finished packin’ some snacks for the trip tomorrow. At 7:45 am, 110 of us will be loading buses to make the 2 hour trek to Orlando to visit the Magic Kingdom. I am BEYOND exciting and can’t believe that we have such an amazing opportunity! My friend C and I have been chatting all day about our excitement. We have decided to be “paparazzi” for the day and will be documenting every moment in pictures.

This afternoon I went for another 3.5 mile walk. I had been sitting at my desk all day doing problems on Capital Budgeting. I really find this stuff interesting but can’t stand sitting at a desk for so long! I felt as though my bum was an extension of my chair. Can you say YIKES!? A walk was definitely in order.

I kept dinner light with a mish-mosh salad. A little bit of everything went into it. One benefit of having food provided during the week is the full salad bar daily. I have become a bit of a food snob lately and won’t eat things if I think to hard on where they came from. I try to buy as much organic as possible but sometimes my budget doesn’t allow and the salad bar just has to do!


It hit the spot! I drizzled it with some Boathouse Farms Honey Dijon Yogurt Dressing. This stuff is really good. I love creamy dressings (there’s that texture again) and this one is pretty light. 45 calories for two tablespoons and the ingredients aren’t too bad. I have made my own yogurt salad dressing before and especially love to make my own vinaigrettes when I am at home but this does the job at school.

For tomorrow I have packed a peanut butter and banana “sammie” on an Ezekiel tortilla and a couple of Clif Z-bars. My friend C is also a health-foodie like myself and is packing some snacks as well. We have been discussing options and felt that peanut butter and banana was a safe bet since it wouldn’t spoil too quickly (like the hummus wrap I REALLY want to take).  We figured we could save a few bucks and feel good at the same time. We also decided we might supplement with a salad at the park (that will probably cost $12!!!) and will definitely be treating ourselves to a Mickey Mouse ice cream bar!

I also packed an umbrella since it is forecasted to rain. It’s okay though…it will be fun either way.

And one more thing…

Thanks to all of you who have been leaving comments and have been so kind in my first few days as a blogger. I was unsure at first about this whole thing but am excited to see what the future brings!

Well I’m off to watch Home Alone and do some restorative yoga poses =)

Look for a post tomorrow night. We should be home around 8. I can’t wait to share my exciting adventure with you all! Good night

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