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Today was the last day of class! YESS! I am so glad to be done and to be moving on to new classes. 

I started the day off with a bowl of crock pot oats (which appear slightly gray for some reason)… I used a whole banana, flax, a tablespoon of peanut butter and some chocolate chips.


I went to my LAST Wednesday morning class for the semester. I had to do a presentation and turn in a paper and am so relieved to have that out of the way.

I had a really yummy lunch!! An Ezekiel English Muffin with an Annie’s California Veggie Burger (which are soy free!), a slice of tomato, spinach, and ketchup and brown mustard.


I also had a StonyField Organic Vanilla Yogurt with a tbsp each of granola and pumpkin butter. It was SO good.


I’m feeling a little bit of procrastination comin’ on now that classes are over especially with my trip to Disney tomorrow. Gotta kick it into gear for the home stretch! Tomorrow will be a nice day though to relax and refresh for exams next week.

See ya later!


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That’s right…I got 9 hours of sleep last night. I needed it too! I felt sickness coming on and knew I needed to get plenty of rest. I feel rested and refreshed this morning.

Breakfast was strawberries, vanilla yogurt, flax, and homemade granola:


This breakfast was just as refreshing as my sleep! Yum!

I hope everyone has a great day…I’m off to babysit and run some errands. Woo!

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