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Festive Breakfast

Good morning! Got a bit of what feels like a late start…I didn’t wake up until 8. I wasn’t hungry at all so I didn’t eat breakfast until 9.

In light of Thanksgiving and soon to be Christmas, I had a rather festive bowl of oats this morning. I made a batch of cinnamon oatmeal earlier this week in my little 2 quart crock pot. This morning I heated up a portion and then stirred in pumpkin and banana. On top was about 1 tablespoon of organic peanut butter (only two ingredients on the list; peanuts and salt), and a sprinkle of dried cranberries and chocolate chips.


Yum…there’s nothing better than melty peanut butter! I like to get a little on my spoon for each bite. Can’t taste it when it’s all stirred in.

Today’s agenda includes studying, hopefully some Christmas movie-watching, and a trip to the mall for a pet adopt-a-thon for the local animal shelter. Have a great Saturday. Anyone doing anything exciting?


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