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Good Morning everyone! Have I mentioned before that I am DEFINITELY a morning person!? It shone through this morning….

I went to bed much later than normal last night since my test review didn’t let out until about midnight(!).  Being the morning person that I am I still woke up around 7. That is DEFINITELY early for the college folk. I get crazy looks in the morning from girls who just don’t understand my early morning good moods! Anywho…I woke up and had breakfast. I am trying to eat all of the things left in the freezer and fridge so I ate one of my Cinnamon Raisin Ezekiel English Muffins with Organic Peanut Butter and Banana.


I promise there is an English muffin under there! My Dad slices the banana that way when he does this and I definitely like it better than just little circles. They don’t fall off AND you can taste banana in every bite! Loves it.

Post breakfast I studied for a while, cleaned up my room, and….did a yoga class from yogadownload.com. Jenna over at Eat, Live, Run has been raving about them and I wanted to try it out. I did a Power/Vinyasa class and LOVED it! I was so impressed. This is so wonderful for those who don’t have access to a yoga studio (I would definitely recommend taking studio classes first though to become familiar with yoga if you are new to it). The girl who taught this class was a great guide for a very invigorating session. I will definitely try it again soon.

TIP: When you go to check out on yogadownload.com it asks if you have a special coupon/code…I did a google search for yogadownload.com coupons and was able to get a free class. (Many online retailers offer coupons too..you just have to seek them out!)

After my blissful yoga hour I got ready for the day and made some lunch. Half an Ezekiel Pocket Bread (are you noticing a patter…I LOVE EZEKIEL BREAD!) with Sabra Roasted Red Pepper Hummus, sun-dried tomatoes and spinach with a Greek Yogurt on the side for some protein. I swirled about a tsp of honey into the yogurt. SO DELICIOUS and creamy. I ate the other half of the pocket bread plain. It’s really yummy. Oh, and a carrot!



Oh…and these little treasures:


Almost as “bliss”ful as yoga this morning!

Have a wonderful Sunday everyone. Back to studying and probably a few errands this afternoon. See ya later!


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It’s 60* and I’m FREEZING!

True sign of a Floridian. I am all bundled up in this “cold” weather. You northerners are probably laughing right now but I just can’t help it! It was in the 30’s this morning! It will be about 50* when I go to my LAST EXAM REVIEW for the WHOLE SEMESTER. THANK HEAVENS!! I am so ready! (Can you tell from my whining the last few days!?)

I had a really productive morning and got most of the things I wanted to do done. I even did two loads of laundry…bonus! (My mom will be happy to know I am not going to be clogging up the washer when I get home…love ya Ma!) Breakfast held me over until noon! It had to be the chocolate =)

I took a 1.5 mile walk before lunch to try to warm up. I got back hungry and had this:


It was an Ezekiel tortilla with spinach, tomato slices and the Mediterranean Chicpea Salad I bought at Mother Earth Market yesterday.  It had garbanzo beans, tomato, feta, scallions parsley and white wine vinegar. I am going to try to replicate it when I am home. I love cold bean salads. They are just so tasty!

I ended up putting the Fage that is in the background back and had a Stonyfield Farm Organic Low-Fat Vanilla Yogurt with blueberries and 1 tbs homemade granola. No picture though. My camera died…even though I charged it just two days ago!

I went for another 1.5 mile walk AFTER lunch to try to warm up AGAIN. It was nice to release some energy since my desk is holding me hostage.

I am in the mood for something HOT for dinner. Not sure what though. I need something to warm me up. Don’t Laugh. I won’t be able to post tonight since I will be at my exam review so enjoy your Saturday evening! 4 MORE DAYS!

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